• Specializing solely in manhole rehabilitation work since 1982
  • One of the nation’s first Strong-Seal Certified
    Applicators (1991)
  • One of the nation's first Certified Raven Epoxy Applicator (1998)
  • Over 35 years of experience in chemically
    grouting manholes
  • Fully equipped with three on-road cement lining pump trucks as well as three off-road extreme access cement lining rigs
  • Fully equipped with six chemical injection grouting rigs
  • Fully equipped with three epoxy lining rigs
  • Excellent Safety Record and OSHA rating
  • Successfully lined in excess of 140,000 VF of cementitious lining
  • Successfully lined in excess of 60,000 VF of epoxy lining
  • Ten million bonding capability in any state
  • Performed in excess of 10,000 manhole frame and chimney replacements